The process of building a boat requires highly qualified personnel, first choice materials and excellent coordination of the construction phases. We at Joy marine have all this, and the lamination and finishing process of a hull deck is performed by the best Italian laminators and is one of the moments in which all the experience accumulated over many years of work is finally applied to the product.

Each piece of which the deck is made is milled with numerical control devices in order to respect the perfect assembly between the components

Lamination with fiberglass and epoxy resins plays a fundamental role in the process and must be carried out by skilled and highly professional workers.

The finished product must meet the resistance and finishing requirements appropriate to the quality of the boat under construction, there must be no defects or smudges of any kind and the professionalism and high level of our workers, together with the choice of the best materials is Joy Marine‘s motto.

Published On: 20 January 2021